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for us as well. >> reporter: in aberdeen, jeff hager, abc2 news. >>> we had a nice chat with the days inn manager. he told abc2 news he's seen prostitutes use motels near airports in baltimore and philly but this is the first for this kind of business in aberdeen. >>> for the second time in a week dickey hill elementary school in southwest baltimore evacuated because of a carbon monoxide leak. one child was treated at the hospital will be ok. this is another close call that abc2 news brian kuebler shows us has city school officials really looking for some changes tonight. >> reporter: it happened again. this morning, around 8:00 fire crews had to evacuate dickey hill elementary school. the problem too familiar. the fumes dangerous. >> i'm real concerned about it. one, they are out of school. two, there's kids in there. i had some experience with carbon monoxide. i know it's not good. >> reporter: tyron vinton is one of many parents that had to stay home today as students were let out for the second time in a week. this time firefightsers say it was a stove and exhaust system in the kitche
to passing than ever before. it is now heading to the full senate. abc2 news, christian schaffer is live in annapolis for us tonight. christian. >> the committee was a vote by 7-4. for the first time ever, the issue of same sex marriage will be debated on the floor of the maryland state senate. there was some debate on several amendments to the bill during the committee hearing today, although everything went as scheduled. would have actually changed the same sex marriage bill to a civil unions bill, but it was rejected by the committee. after the vote, of course, supporters and opponents talked about what it all means. >> we embarked on a historic journey where marylanders will gain equal rights in marriage. we want to do it in a way that is respectful of all of the diverse religious and moral views. >> fundamental social policy about doing this is a sincere issue that many of us have that we really should not be taking this step in the state of maryland. that marriage should be between a man and a woman and that this is not a direction that the state of maryland should be going downr
coming to me for help. >> in carol county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >>> now in recent years, pharmacies across the state have become prime targets for robbers seeking prescription drugs. employees at the same pharmacy were robbed at gunpoint last year and the gunmen didn't demand money. >>> breaking news tonight out of annapolis. abc2 news, christian schaffer is reporting that same sex marriage legislation has moved out of committee and is headed to the full senate floor. the vote was 7-4. we're going to have much more on these breaking developments coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 tonight. >>> abc2 is working to keep you and your family safe. tonight, baltimore county police need your help to find a hit-and-run driver. brian has the details in tonight's crime checker. >> abc2 is working to keep your community safe. each week, we are highlighting recent crimes. baltimore county police need your help tracking down the driver for a deadly hit-and- run. jason was killed early sunday morning when he was struck by a van on hazelwood avenue. he was struck by a late model ford van like the one
the hospital. reporting live from d.c. superior court, sam ford come abc 7 news. >>> temperatures moved back down today, but things will be changing once again. the chief meteorologist doug hill has the first look at the forecast. >> we are kind of getting a taste of a march weather pattern in february. here is a live look on one of our hd whether cameras. it is running about 20-22 degrees cooler than yesterday. 43 in frederick. 46 in annapolis. 45 in downtown. the storm's coming our way. in cooler temperatures on the way. a cold night to get there. mid 20's by the morning about 30 degrees and that all be the mechanism to get us into the 50's tomorrow and we will keep climbing from there. how warm again later in the week? we check that out in our seven- day forecast in a given its. >>> and network news correspondent is recovering after a brutal attack in egypt. he was beaten -- she was beaten and sexually assaulted after reporting on a hostile mubarak decision tobarak's step down. they were surrounded by a mob of 200 people and she was rescued by a group of women and soldiers. she is now rec
in brooklynville, linda so, abc2 news. >>> and remember to stay with abc2 news on the air and on the web. we will be following the storm as it develops. go to and track the radar. you can see the latest school closings and delays as well. >>> all right. this next video could be disturbing. bullying in america at its worst caught on video released by pennsylvania police. terrifying scenes on tape of a 13-year-old student who was punched, kicked and dragged through the snow and then hung in a tree and dangled from a fence. police say the student was attacked randomly on his way home from school earlier last month. no one came to this child's rescue despite the screams for help. the teenage suspects were arrested yesterday morning in school. and they were carded off in handcuffs. >>> 6:36 right now. ready, set, wed. a houston couple decide there was no better way to commit to mattery money than during a marathon. they began the race as an engaged couple and crossed the finish line as husband and wie. friends and family of molly and -- wife. friend and family of molly and jeff showe
karen travers, abc news. >> what are you taking? >> i am going for the packers. >>> that's what's making news in america this mornin captioned by the national captioning institute >>> straight ahead, violence in egypt shows no sign of slowing up. the u.s. is stepping up signs for change. thank you for joining us. starling. >> and i'm greta kreuz. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >>> happy friday. temperatures are cold again. we do not have the wind to do what. yesterday we had wind chill factors in the single digits. this morning, just cold temperatures. 30 degrees downtown. 27 degrees in quantico. cold start today. high temperatures around 40 degrees. fair amount of sunshine. we will see some high, thin clouds today. that could lead to some light precipitation that could change to a cold rain for the first half of tomorrow. partly cloudy and highs in the mid 40's. up to the '50s by monday. temperatures will drop into the low 30's next week. >>> we have good news on traffic. no major problems. there was a tractor-trailer accident in an apple
storm. in frederick, brad bell, abc7 news. >>> in this storm tonight, it could be worse. in what are they doing about it? we have some answers. we begin our storm watch coverage live in gaithersburg. >> i am on the montgomery county fair grounds. but this is not the time for deep-fried oreos. these are the headquarters to help keep the lights on and keep these working. >> we will show them who's boss. >> as an army lay in wait, three termers strengthened defenses sawing off vulnerable branches of they will not buckle. >> i have been doing this for 17 years. >> they come from near and far, ohio, michigan, and the carolinas. the team is 1000 strong and includes 500 regular contractors and 250 full-time employees. >> one of the lessons i have learned is that if you do have additional forces here, and keep them is that all possible and as you can bring in more to do so. >> they are not in kansas anymore. >> we have been making calls. >> we are not used to this many people back where we are from. >> the same drop for the same purpose which is enough for them. >> no matter how cold it
in cairo. the violence is escalating as cars are set on fire and bod quiz are dragged down the streets. abc sat down with hugh been aic and he said he will tell -- mubarak, and he said he willstep down but not yet. >> he told me that after 62 years of public service, i am fed up i want to go. >> reporter: now we are following the story very closely on the web at we put up new video for you this morning. you will find live pictures of the protests going on. you click on this and scroll down and will find the related links of the live coverage. you can see the crowds are getting huge. they are expecting hundreds of thousands there. they just had the morning prayers and they are gathering there. also, we have video of a police car slamming into egyptian protesters. it's just the glimpse of how intense things are getting there. again, we will follow the latest developments all morning and bring you the latest. in the interactive news center, linda so, abc2 news. >>> 6:34 right now. taking a look at news around the nation, the astronaut husband of gabrielle giffords made his choice
're basically looking at between $5 million and $10 million. >> reporter: in baltimore, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> we crunched some of the numbers. each year 200 of the 7,000 teachers in the city school system retire anyway. that is why the system needs at least 350 teachers to take up on its offer to realize any real kind of savings. the buyouts will be limited to 750 teachers, with no guarantee the district will hire any new teachers to replace them. >>> parkville feels privileged the president came to their middle school today to talk about the national budget. something that effects all of us. parkville, you were perfect. much of the proposal focused on education. the president presented the budget there, and he talked about preparing today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders. here was the president hosting an assembly in parkville middle. then went to miss joder's science class. abc2 news' roosevelt leftwich live in parkville with what this presidential visit does for us. >> reporter: the president uses parkville middle to talk about the budget and the need to keep funding science and techno
they will do on monday. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >>> was it a 911 glitch or an operator mistake that cost someone not to get help during a january snowstorm -- caused some people not to get help during a january snowstorm? the washington, d.c. 911 operator said there was no such location in the operating system. this is a story you only see on abc 7. >> it happened here just before 16th street. a 41-year-old, father of two, was on his way to work to shovel snow when he was killed after a tree fell on his truck. hundreds of cars were stuck in a massive traffic jam that crippled the region. this woman was trying to get home when a tree fell on her car and the car next to her. she called 911 for help. >> military road near east drive. there is one person stuck in a pickup truck and we fear him dead. >> she tried to explain where she was. it is between 16 and beach. >> one of the victims was pulled before -- pulled from the truck. >> i need a location. >> we have a woman outside of the car speeding up blood. >> we were told the operator did a good job and crews were dispatched immediately. th
. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> thank you for joining us. i am alison starling. >>> we are following breaking news in cairo. after 17 days of protests, and demonstrators may have finally broken the government's resolve. president mubarak may finally be stepping down. ive inne lyders is la the newsroom with the very latest. >> we are hearing reports that egyptian president hosni mubarak will step down tonight. he will cede control to the military. this news is spreading. the scene and tahrir -- in tahrir square, liberation square, is getting bigger and louder. thousands are gathered. the euphoria is growing. after 17 days of protests, they are learning that, today, the military supreme council has announced its support for the demands of the people. what is interesting is president mubarak was not present when this was delivered. that has some colonists a military coup -- calling this a military coup. the details are not clear at this point. egyptian state television is reporting that egyptian president hosni mubarak will make a televised address tonight, the strongest i
have a maintenance program that is costing millions of dollars. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >>> abc 7 news has learned at 911 workers will be furloughed in the coming weeks because of budget cuts. some say that will impact safety. john gonzalez explains both sides. >> tonight on the fun we spoke with the deputy mayor for public safety and he said residents will never be in danger of a furlough day, but he says the first round of furloughs this week was not perfect. he promised it will get better, but tonight some disagree. it was not hard tonight to find people in the district who had serious emergencies in the past and had to call 911. >> it came very quickly. >> between this past tuesday and yesterday, more than 40911 calls in the city went unanswered. -- more than 400 911 calls in the city went unanswered. to close the massive budget gap, d.c. government employees have been asked to take mandatory for lows. the police department and fire department are exempt, but those manning 911 are not. they have to stay home for days during the fiscal cycle. >> it is not just about money, it i >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> police are hunting for armed robbers who held up a business in northwest d.c. investigators are on the scene at the 3100 block of mount pleasant st.. witnesses tell abc 7 that two suspects with guns locked two of the clerks and a customer in the back room and raided the drawers for cash. at least one suspect was dressed as a police officer. we have a crew on the scene and we will continue to follow this breaking news on a friday afternoon. now, though, we turn to our other top story of the day. hundreds of thousands chanting in the streets. another day of protests in cairo. protesters are not giving up their calls for the president to leave. now the u.s. government is weighing in. scott thuman has been watching all of this and his life in our newsroom with the latest. >> there were real fears that this being a day of departure, there could be widespread violence. instead, we see mostly peaceful crowds and future ones, the biggest since a quarter million showed up on tuesday, many hopeful that president mubarak will step down today.
the >>> more winter weather. a wintery mix is heading our way. the abc7 forecast. >> and search for the killer. one week after a murder. >>> and senator scott brown sits down with it "60 minutes." >>> major metro repairs. work is underway that has two stations closed and multiple lines impacted. when you need to know. abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. -- what you need to know. and tonight, we got a taste of what is to come. one of our abc7 photographers captured this coming down in arlington, sleet, and it is just the beginning. steve rudin is live in the weather center. steve? >>> we have some changes over the next couple of days, even though we of temperatures that will rebound into the upper 50's to 60's. we have when to be whether on the way. 43 degrees at reagan national, 43 at manassas. temperatures well above freezing. we did have some sleet earlier this evening. now, everything beginning to clear up, and that is definitely very good news. as we look at the radar, for the purple, that indicates areas of sleet. no warnings or advisories for the immediate metro area, but
including a paramedic. dozens of kids need your help how you can team up with a local radio station and abc2 to help save some lives. harford county firefighters were busy battling two separate fires overnight that left 3 people hurt. jamie costello is live in our interactive news center with the latest. >> reporter: the first fire broke out around midnight in the 1200 block of kirby circle in bel-air. you can find all the video you need. again it's at there you can find video of the pictures of the fires and we'll roll on this one. a neighbor called in the first fire just after midnight. when deputies arrived they found an unconscious woman in a second floor bedroom. now she's in critical condition tonight. and then the second fire started around a quarter to 4:00 this morning right inside a single family home in the 1800 block of churchville road. a man was hurt trying to put out the fire. >> injuries received by the individual as he attempted to put the fire out were first degree burns to his hands and arms, and he also potentially received some inhalation burning as well.
that will be welcome eds. in ann arundel county randy locke abc2 news. >>> this is being called one of the largest brush fires in recent history in prince george's county. the brush fire there burned 300 acres in the laurel area and shut down i-95 yesterday. >>> a three-alarm fire in a baltimore county nursing home sends 12 people in the hospital. flames broke out yesterday at the holland manor living facility. none of the injuries were life- threatening. we still don't know what spark had the fire. we know people in holland manor are being taken care of. the company that owns that home owns several others. they'll probably send their residents there. >> winds are dying down. fire rate not so bad. we'll get rain in here and that will help us out.we are looking good. as we go through time we'll be looking at rain that's going to try to roll in here. we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar. look like we are seeing snow. things are dry out there. all this stuff we are seeing is not hitting the ground. it is called verga. it is evaporating before it reaches the ground. we are 23 dew points.
? >> mike, thank you very much. abc 7's amy hollyfield is in san francisco to continue our coverage. >> eric, it was like we're having a sun storm right now. hard to believe we're talking about possibly having some snow but as we all know the in bay area the weather can change so quickly. check out these pictures from just a few hours ago. it was very rainy on highway 101. cars were hydroplaning there was so much water. officials had to close a southbound on-ramp for a few minutes. but there were no major problems. in the city there were a few issues that kept work crews busy. a 30 foot tree came down around 7:00 around buchanan and pine. nobody was hurt but it hit a phone line on the way down. crews got it out of there pretty quickly. >> winds came through, knocked the tree down. took down phone lines. we got the call and our crews responded immediately. we're prepared for this. we've had meetings what could happen for this weekend with the inclement weather, the winds and the ice in the road. >> in san francisco's oceanview neighborhood some power lines did come down because of a fallen tr
arundel county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> police say atkins will face an attempted robbery charge and is being held at the anne arundel county detention center. >>> i know you're having dinner but but what would happen if the first grader is at the dinner table is saying, i was choked and punched by my teacher today. that is the story here. susan burke is the teacher, now charged with nine counts of second degree assault. kelly swoope has more on the case that is really sending shock waves throughout silver spring. >> reporter: right here, too. susan burke, a teacher at green castle elementary school in silver spring. the students told police burke choked, kicked, punched, scrashed and even squeezed them. most of the alleged abuse apparently happened last december and involved nine kids. police say there were several witnesses to the attacks. they are investigating to determine if there are any other possible victims. we're told all the attacks happened at school during a regular school day. burke was reportedly taken out of the classroom after one student came forward and several
city school. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >>> new tonight -- a united airlines flight heading to baltimore from los angeles was forced to make an emergency landing in colorado after reports of smoke on the plane. flight 306 was originally scheduled to land at bwi marshall at 4:35 this afternoon. but it's now expected to arrive about 8:15. there are no reports of injuries or any information about what caused that smoke. >>> also new tonight, charges may be dropped against a suspected prostitute in harford county. after investigators learned she may be a sex slave. last week an undercover police officer answered a craigslist ad which led him to the motel in aberdeen where a woman offered sexual favors for $160 an hour. the officer arrested the 46-year-old but later learned she may have come here illegally in promise of a food service job. in the absence of chinese translators, the case was transferred to the federal human trafficking task force. >> the defendant has limited command of the english language. spoke chinese. we were not sure what specific dialect of chinese she spoke. >> the mot
. if you go to, we posted the story on the fires. it's the top story in the slide show if you click on it. it will bring you to this page and you can see video we posted. the latest on the foyer in churchville. but there's video and more information on the two fires. but, again, the big thing this morning is if you are heading in churchville route 22 between 543 and prospect mill road, it will be closed until fire crews clear the scene. linda so, abc2 news. >>> and you want to stay with abc2 news for the website and the latest and other stories. go to if you are not near the computer, down load our app for your iphone and text abc2 to 46988 for the latest updates. >>> 6:32. news around the nation. congratulationses have gone out from the white house to chicago's mayor elect rment ahm emanuel. the president's former chief of staff beat five rivals with more than 50% of the votes. he served as white house chief of staff from the start of obama's administration. he resigned in october of last year to run for mayor of chicago. >>> wisconsin governor walker says faili
? if so, what impact will it have on you? leave your comments on our facebook page at >>> if you have ever been taken, bamboozled, ripped off, scammed? this is your day. we've been working for you to bust up scams. it's been two years and still scammers have no trouble finding ways to trick you. we are taking your calls and questions. joce sterman throws the book at the bad guys. >> reporter: that's right. i'm trying to take them down but today i had to enlist reinforcements. we set up a panel of experts. we got help from the better business bureau, from the attorney general's office and from the howard county office of consumer affairs. we set up this expert panel to take your phone calls at 410-481-2222. until 6:30 tonight. if you have questions about a scam, maybe you saw something in your e-mail that just didn't seem right, maybe a check at home for $10,000, you want to know is this real? is it fake? what's the deal? the guys have the information you need. call us now, between now and 6:30. you only have about 30 minutes to ask your question. we'll see if we c
matters is with a federal judge. abc 2 news investigator joce sterman live outside the courthouse in baltimore tonight with the breaking news you'll see only here on abc 2 news. >> reporter: good news and bad news for henry coal and his family. he'll have to go back to prison but not today. a judge gave him a month to continue with his treatment, his chemotherapy, it's a decision that buys some time for a man who may not have much time left. henry coal walks out of a federal court house a free man for today but not forever. still, his family is thankful. >> we're ecstatic. i mean in the case of compassion versus the legal framework, the conviction, the judge definitely erred on the side of compassion. humanity up with out today. >> reporter: he could have been sent immediately back to prison to finish the 20 months sentence he is facing for tax evasion. while the judge said high didn't have the jurisdiction to order early release, he did soften his stance and give him until march 25th to finish his next round of chemo. he will get to spend that time at home as a federal bureau of
. >>> tomorrow is a special day here at abc 2 and we're celebrating because it's good news when bad guys go out of business and we've been working for you for the last two years to make that happen with our weekly scam alert segments. rye now we're going to take a look back at a year's worth of warnings as we get ready to celebrate our second scamma versusary. >> it is the first time we've ever seen them be that brazen. >> this thing is a gigantic scam. >> reporter: their tactics elicit emotional reactions but that won't stop scams. they've stooped to new lows from offering up fake babies for adoption to posing as the center of the catholic church here in maryland scam artists will play the role of god and even the government if it means getting a shot at your money. they called local seniors claiming they never paid their property tax. >> demanding payment over the phone. >> reporter:. >> oftentimes these things are crimes of convenience. >> reporter: but we're trying to make it harder for scammers to pull a fast one. exposing their dirty tricks to keep you safe. >> this is awful behavior. thi
are in effect to protect your pets, pieps, -- pipes and your plants. >> alan: abc-7's tomas roman is in walnut creek. >> reporter: we're here on civic drive, and when we arrived at 8:00, the temperature was 42. it's now 38 degrees here now. now, while the freezing temperatures are still a couple hours away, some people here in walnut creek were trying to make the best out of these warmer temperatures while they lasted. ♪ >> reporter: the emperor nero is said to have fiddled wheel rome burden. >> the cold weather? talked me into singing tonight, and i had a good time. >> reporter: he sings on the corner about job losses. tonight he is cutting he sir serenade short. >> i'm going home and watching the movie. >> reporter: the temperature here, at 40 degrees at 10:00 p.m. it's been dropping steadily hour-by-hour. freezing temperatures could damage delicate plants. the weather service is suggesting those that can should be put inside. firefighters are concerned about freezing pipes which which break and cause damage. the homeless are also a concern. >> with the homeless and stuff, if they don't ha
. in annapolis, don harrison for abc2 news. >> the bill may be heard as soon as next week in the senate. if lawmakers approve maryland would become the sixth state in which members of the same sex could marry, joining connecticut, iowa, massachusetts, new hampshire, vermont and district of columbia. >>> with more than 100 people rallying in annapolis this afternoon, actually asking the legislature to raise taxes. several health and addiction service groups want lawmakers to raise alcohol taxes by a dime per drink. they say that would generate more than $215 million to support addiction treatment, mental health care and disability services. >> one in five people have experienced a mental health problem at some time in their life. it's a very prevalent problem. after all these years it's still misunderstood. we're here talking about people who use the public health system. people with the most intense, severe mental illnesses incomes the old days would have wound up in state hospitals, today can recover and live productive lives. >> some say an increase would cost jobs in the long run. >>
in prison. they are suspended without pay. we're live in downtown baltimore cheryl connors abc2 news. >>> the mayor stephanie rawlins-blake released a statement. i will not tolerate criminal or illegal activity. any criminal activity by a baltimore police officer dishonors our city and the 3,000 men and women of the baltimore police department who serve with great professionalism and integrity. now, let's take you to our web site these charges are tonight's hot topic. what do you think about these allegations made against these overseers what punishment should they receive if found guilty? you can leave your thoughts and comments right now on our facebook page at >>> well, this is what democracy is all about. debating issues in an open forum before coming to a decision. today your lawmakers are doing just that. the topic, marriage rights for same sex couples. and one of the main issues in today's discussions is if religious groups should be forced to serve same sex couples. it's a heated issue and we are cutting through the rhetoric tonight. kelly swoope has
. by that reagan national, greta kreuz, abc 7 news. dwia driver's charge with a after a series of crashes on the key bridge. a hit and run driver killed a moped driver and then while an investigator was there, another car hit him. but the officers now in stable condition. the driver of the car hit the officer and was given a breathalyzer test. it came from capitol police because the dc test could be faulty. we're live from the scene of last night's accident on key bridge to explain why. >> d.c. police have been unable to give breathalyzer tests for more than one year leading a lot of people to ask many innocent people may have been sent to jail. >> the concept of innocent people having been arrested or prosecuted because of these scores is simply unfounded. >> the deputy attorney testified before a d.c. council hearing that in february of last year and stopped issuing breathalyzer test scores as evidence in trials. >> we have not introduced any scores in trials since then. >> last night after a d.c. police officer was hit, they asked the u.s. capitol police to perform a breathalyzer test.
to get involved. as a reminder, abc2 is one of the partners. we have a chance to go over there last week and spend sometime with some of the employees there and also some of the kids. >> the stories they put together are amazing. they are inspiring and it's just wonderful we have hopkins in the community and they do so much for us. it's nice to be a part of that. >> coming up. how to get involved into today's hot topic about what's going on in north africa. hundreds killed in libya. antigovernment protests continuing. >> the u.s. state department says that the u.s. has raised objectsings -- objections about the use of lethal force. >> protest against the ruler mow march qaddafi remember him? now it reached the libyan capital sunday. his military force reportedly has responded now with violence. some hundreds reported killed. >> the unrest sweeping across the middle east affecting all of us. one area we noticed is the gas pump. the average price has gone up 5 cents per gallon, 53 cents per gallon in the last year and analyst say it doesn't need to be a stop in supply to drive the prices u
widespread power outages and blowing over the national christmas tree. abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. starts right now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news, on your side. >>> good evening. we begin with the dangerous winds that are causing problems throughout the area. parts of interstate 95 was part -- was temporarily shut down. prince george's county put out an alert for all firefighters to contest their supervisors because of the number of fires they are fighting. the winds are causing a number of fires. many people throughout the area lost electricity today. we have coverage to out the region. we begin with the meteorologist. >> the wide 18 is set to expire at 9:00 p.m. sustained winds at dulles international airport. the bigger story is the wind gusts. they are well into the 30's miles per hour. here is the high wind warning. the area shaded in our rent includes the district of montgomery, arlington, and prince george's county until 9:00 p.m. our headlines from the belfort furniture weather center shows winds that will settle down after midnight. are you ready for temperatures in the 60's a
>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 12:00, on your side. >>> thank you for joining us today. i am alison starling. we begin on stormwatch. parts of the region woke up with several inches of snow. a layer of sleet and ice turned the roads dangerous this morning. begin with meteorologist adam caskey. we had lots of schools delayed and closed. >> totals have been on the lower end of the spectrum. let's look at some of the numbers that we got here. these are from the national weather service. walker's bill, 5 inches. bwi airport 3.2 inches. -- walkersville, 5 inches. -- stephenson, 1.3". temperatures will plummet into the teens by early tomorrow morning. >> that sounds intense, adam. our snow coverage continues with coverage across the area. pamela brown is live in montgomery county where slick roads created problems overnight. let's go first to brianne carter. >> here in frederick, it was one of the hardest-hit areas in the region. the some roads were snowy -- the roads were snowy and slick. residents say they have had enough of the snow. >> i want to go sunbathing. then this stuf
's just begun. sharn alfonsi, abc news. >>> and from the budget protests gathered across america, we go overseas now to the wave of demonstrations for democracy, they are spreading, most recently to bahrain, the poster-sized nation, and miguel marquez was there along the protesters last night as the police moved in against them all and he tells us about it. >> reporter: down, but not out. the people of this tiny kingdom gathered at the one place they could today, manama's main hospital. we went there, too. a sobering tour. the injured lay everywhere, room after room, floor after floor. >> we were sitting peacefully, sleeping. most of them sleeping at this time. >> reporter: hospital officials told us the government held back dozens of ambulances, not allowing them to collect the injured. >> it's simply inhuman. even hosni mubarak, he did not prevent the ambulances to go to the casualties and remove them. >> reporter: in the morgue today, three of the dead, all apparently killed from a shotgun blast. pearl square last night, about a thousand peaceful protestors were keeping vigil, men, w
on and you will find out at >>> 6:31. this morning, some people in north baltimore in a certain neighborhood are wondering if it was excessive force. police say it was necessary. a teen tased on top of a roof falls to the ground and now he is in the hospital. sherrie johnson joins us live with what happens next. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning, megan. that's right. basically, the 16-year-old is at sinai hospital. he had neck and back injuries. he had surgery and we are told that he is in serious condition at this hour. and this all happened yesterday morning in the 4400 block of wrenwood avenue in north baltimore. officers from the warrant apprehension task force went to the home to serve a warrant on a violation of the teen's gps monitoring in connection with a handgun charge. the teen's mother let the officers into the home and officers say the teen exchanged words with police and refused to be taken into custody. the teen jumped out of a second floor window onto a roof top. and an officer tased him and he fell about 10 feet off the roof of the house and suffered serious ne
nobs announce now, abc 2 news at 5:30. >>> the budget battle in wisconsin continues to get national attention. how people here are showing their support for the unions there. and building up that savings account. how starting small can save you big money in the long republican. >>> well today in wisconsin teachers returned to work but unions are still fighting to keep their collective bargaining rights. now under the capital rotunda protestors from here and across the nation show no signs of backing down. >> these things affect my family so i'm gonna fight against this bill with every fiber in my being. >> teachers returned to work but 14 democratic senators won't. they are at an undisclosed place in illinois. they have already agreed to some financial concessions, the standoff is keeping the senate from having enough members to vote on the governor's budget. >>> now state employees right here in maryland showed their support for people in wisconsin with a solidarity rally in annapolis. don harris was there today and brings us the very latest. >> what's disgusting? >> union busting.
of the year seen here on abc2. >> no single movie has wept the academy a-- swept the academy award but one film took most of the onors. >> we have highlights of the star studded night. take a look. >> the as theawards go. everybody knew. but i think a lot of letdown with the hosting. >> as theawards go. everybody knew. but i think a lot of letdown with the hosting. >> that's been the as theawards go. everybody knew. but i think a lot of letdown with the hosting. >> that's been the reaction throughout the coring's of the night as theawards go. everybody knew. but i think a lot of letdown with the hosting. >> that's been the reaction throughout the coring's of the night as you and theawards go. everybody knew. but i think a lot of letdown with the hosting. >> that's been the reaction throughout the coring's of the night as you and i read overnight reviews theawards go. everybody knew. but i think a lot of letdown with the hosting. >> that's been the reaction throughout the coring's of the night as you and i read overnight reviews from the west coast as ink lot of letdown with the hosting. >
the reaction from the federal prosecutor on amount bc2 look -- sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> times it doesn't pay to be a hero. ask forel earl -- ask a former wal-mart employee looking for jobs after ripping a gun from an alleged shoplifterch the owner says the employees can use a reasonable force but they have to back off when the gun goes off. they say they had no other option and there was a gun in the back of one of them. they are considering legal options. >>> a suspected tire thief in southern california made it easy for plies to -- police to track him down. security cameras capture the thief stealing tires from the store last month. but the camera also captured his name and cell phone number which was printed on the side of the van. the stolen tires were found in his home answer charged with burglar -- home and is charged with burglary. >>> a cat burglar is on the loose. dusty the cat, your typical house pet by day but when the sun goes down he hits the streets of the suburbs. he has stolen about 600 items over the past three years. he brings them home. the o
>> some areas remained under eight freezing rain advisory? i am bob ryan. abc 7 news starts now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> there are two breaking stories tonight. a freight train slammed into a car. the victim spoke exclusively to abc 7. a fire killed a 4-year-old girl. the flames and ignited in southeast. we are live with the latest developments. >> this burned out house here behind me -- you can see all of the flames are extinguished. the investigation is just beginning. they have been scouring the scene for evidence of what happened. they do know that the windows had bars on them. they left the victims trapped. an endless waits at the same, but it was too late for a four- year old girl. >> we saw the flames coming out the front windows in the side windows. >> a neighbor watched the raging flames in horror, trying to comfort the mother as her -- as she screamed for her baby left inside. the d.c. fire battalion chief says there were two adults in the house. the fire somehow
to that level. otherwise you will have a really cold rain. eric? >> mike, thank you very much. abc 7's amy hollyfield is in san francisco to continue our coverage. >> eric, it was like we're having a sun storm right now. hard to believe we're talking about possibly having some snow but as we all know the in bay area the weather can change so quickly. check out these pictures from just a few hours ago. it was very rainy on highway 101. cars were hydroplaning there was so much water. officials had to close a southbound on-ramp for a few minutes. but there were no major problems. in the city there were a few issues that kept work crews busy. a 30 foot tree came down around 7:00 around buchanan and pine. nobody was hurt but it hit a phone line on the way down. crews got it out of there pretty quickly. >> winds came through, knocked the tree down. took down phone lines. we got the call and our crews responded immediately. we're prepared for this. we've had meetings what could happen for this weekend with the inclement weather, the winds and the ice in the road. >> in san francisco's oceanview n
gambling operation. abc2 news reports on the arrest made and reaction in that waterfront community. >> joe makes a habit of betting on the electric ponies here at the north point convenience store. a harmless hobby, he says, just like the men who play poker at the social club a block over from the store. >> it isn't harming nobody. they are sitting there playing cards. you know, a texas holdem tournament, they are doing the same thing. >> the operation here at club was illegal. it's why friday night, they put a stop to it, after using under cover officers as part of the surveillance, county police raided the club seizing equipment and money. >> people inside gambling around, about 5 or 6 gambling tables. there were cards, poker chips, and a large quantity of money inside of the location. >> five men were arrested and charged. the lynch point social club neither had the permission or permits to conduct such an operation and the suspects did admit it was illegal. for some in the nearby community, it's much to do about nothing. >> it's a waste of time. guys playing some cards, minding th
holding onto each other. lama hasan, abc news, cairo. >>> and our coverage of the crisis in egypt continues later in this half hour with an in-depth look at christiane amanpour's exclusive interview with hosni mubarak. stay with abc news and throughout the day. >>> disturbing video of a teenager being arrested has plenty of people in houston upset this morning. it was recorded last march as officers kicked, punched and stomped on then 15-year-old chad holley. police say he was among four teens accused of burglary. a houston community activists released the tape despite court orders to keep it under wraps until the officers go to trial. four officers were fired and are facing various charges. >>> you probably remember that brazen casino heist that took place in las vegas late last year. videotape captured that suspect running out if a motorcycle helmet and now a suspect is in custody. kntv reports. >> reporter: surveillance tape that made national headlines and police say it was 29-year-old anthony who dashed into the bellagio wearing a motorcycle helmet, confronting pa
captioned by the national captioning institute >>> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> chaos is going on the streets of libya and the unrest may be far from over. >> the country's leader is vowing to fight and die as a martyr. we are following this story. >> the disturbing news out of libya tonight is that gaddafi is using mercenaries around africa to carry out brutal attacks on demonstrators. he is encouraging civilian supporters to leave their homes. >> out of tripoli today, an angry rambling gaddafi hoped france would quell the uprising. -- threats would quell the uprising. standing by a statute of a fist crushing an american fighter jets, he accused of u.s. supplying protesters with weapons. >> it is not possible that i leave this place. i will be a martyr at the end. >> meanwhile, horror stories continue. mercenaries engaging in drive-by shootings and helicopters firing on crowds. >> a woman leaning out of the balcony of her house, they shot her dead. they are not humans. >> this bloodshed is completely unacceptable. >> but likely t
, leslie brinkly abc7 news. >> thanks, leslie. >>> it has been five years since the san francisco police department's "cops gone wild" video scandal erupted. the cases against the officers involved finally wrapped up. dan noyes was there at the police commission meeting and he joins us with the i team update. dan? >> it has been a long haul. five years since video gate started. that's when the then mayor gavin knew psalm played -- gnu -- new so many was called on play video. it was meant as a going away video for the bay view station. many appeared in the video, but no one punished as much as wendy hurley. the police commission voted to suspend her 3 60-days without pay. >> so i leave here with my head held high knowing that -- knowing who i am. and with that i have strength. i don't really feel the assault or the attack as i may have otherwise. >> she is out on disability from injuries from a high speed chase, but the commission still cut her pay. the commission is right now deciding what will happen to
. >> there is a chance consensus could be reached. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> oakland police are hoping you'll recognize a sexual assault suspect captured on a surveillance tape. here it is now. he is expected of beating and sexual assaulting a woman inside of her apartment complex near oakland's chinatown. detectives want to find out if that is linked to three other assaults on women late last year just a short distance away. >> there is is a round up called operation sun rise following up on complaints of illegal activities near schools, excriminals were picked up in the area this morning. >> we went in and looked for chronic truants in the area and paroles in the area. we want to let people know today starts a new day in that area. >> there are 10 arrests and dozens of probation searches today over the last six months police say there have been 24 shootings, 69 robberies and 213 burglaries in that neighborhood. >> and san jose could layoff police officers. a step that may be taken to help balance a budget gap there. and from this point forward a debate is about to get a lot louder. city
things were. emily schmidt, abc news washington. >> the mysterious and disturbing story involving a missing couple from palm springs. their car has been found in the bay area but there's been no sign of the couple. people are investigating the possibility of foul play. terry mcsweeney is live along the san mateo county coastline near devil's slide where the car was found. terry? >> yeah, in fact san francisco police are reportedly calling this a homicide investigation, but exactly how all the pieces fit together, that remains to be seen. take a look at some pictures from last night out here. highway 1 near devil's slide. search and rescue looking everywhere for the missing couple whose car was found parked off highway 1 near devil's slide yesterday afternoon. highway 1 was closed down for hours, opened 9:30 last night. it was closed so crews could rappel down the cliff in search of the missing couple. here's a picture of that couple we want to show you right now. they are from palm desert. billy and colleen waterman reported missing four days ago from riverside county. their daugh
second place winner in the amateur category? >> our second place winner is the team from abc 7. >> abc 7 come and get it! couple of words? >> thank you so much. if you watch abc 7 at 3:00 p.m. um see this trophy on tv. >> ok, excellent. all right. and to announce the first place winner, mr. wes tyler of union square. wes? big mystery. who's the winner. >> by the process of elimination, it's koit! >> koit. mr. scotty bastopol for the third year in a row. love this city. thank you. >> runners up. the 47th not -- annual cable car bell ringing competition, no particular order, mr. trini whitaker. sullivan philips. ken lunardi. and joseph hsu. come up and get your trophies. thank the judges. [laughter] now it's time for what you've been waiting for, third place, ladies and gentlemen, mr. howard woo. howard woo. again, they're not booing you. all right. mr. ken mcdonald. chief of muni operations officer, please come forward to help me present the second place trophy. second place, ladies and gentlemen. mr. frank ware. and before we announce the winner i'm going to drag this out even longer. i'
hubs like chicago, o'hare, and newark. abc2 news vin -- abc2 news vinita nair. >> reporter: here we go again. melions of americans will. >> he had scrapeers and shovels through tomorrow as blizzards warns are up in seven stays. fema is treating it as if it's an approaching hurricane. >> we want to tell people, you see the storm coming, now get ready. >> reporter: that's what cities have been doing. oklahoma city fleet of snowplows is standing by. in chicago, they have moved mountains of road salt into place. and in hoboken, new jersey, own with snowed in cars are told to dig them out or they would be towed. other worry is ice. heavy enough to snap tree branches and power lines that could reach from oklahoma, across missouri, illinois, indiana, oqlie, and pens vains yeah. >> -- ohio, and pennsylvania. >> we could get a half inch of ice and pf we do, we will have major power -- ice and if we do, we will have major power outages. >> we know it's going to be bad, prepare like it's bad. >> reporter: one more round and this one could be the biggest of them all. vinita nair, abc news. >> whet
weather pictures from the abc 7 viewers. they sent in a snowy scene of skyway drive of state highway 9 in the santa cruz mountains. and courtesy of jordan herman. a couple of e-mails of pictures of their daughters posing with two snow people they built with help from mom and dad, and the picture at saratoga and highway 9. the you can send your videos uploading to you or you conditions are perfect in the area and back in the bay area, colder temperatures. we'll have the meteorologist join us for the forecast later in the forecast. >> fixing an antenna that caused police radios to fail once again during a shooting. they tried to lock down the la quinta inn early saturday morning after two men were shot inside. police had trouble communicating on radios. radio problems plagued oakland police. also in oakland, police say there's a reward up to $20,000 for information to help solve the double homicide. a 31-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman were shot as they sat in their car early yesterday morning on 62nd and hilton street. police have not released t
to fight until he's gone. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> time now 5:02. the search resumes at daylight for a missing southern california couple whose car was found highway 1 at devil's slide but there are indications this could already be a murder investigation. terry mcsweeney is live along highway 1. terry? >> yeah, san francisco police reportedly calling this a homicide investigation and what an investigation it is. a section of highway 1 down here near devil's slide closed for hours last evening into last night. as they look for clues where this couple might be. take a look at the couple we are talking about. this is billy and colleen waterman of palm desert in southern california missing for four days now. san francisco police telling their daughter, she tells us that police are calling this a murder case and the victim may be colleen. that's what san francisco police are reportedly saying. we have some video of the scene out here last night after crews found the couple's car parked illegally near devil's slide. no sign of anyone. crews repelled down the side of the cliffs to sear
on dentures, found in millions of medicine cabinets. >> in an abc news investigation we've now learned fixodent could actually be a health risk. one that's left people both mentally and physically disabled. chris cuomo reports. >> started getting tingling in my fingertips. >> reporter: for the last ten years, 41-year-old construction worker mark jakoby had no idea why his body was failing. when you started to have symptoms and lose different types of muscle control, you kept using fixodent? >> yes. because i had no clue. >> reporter: doctors eventually tied his disorder to high levels of the mineral zinc. high zinc intake can lead to the depletion of copper levels in the body which can cause nerve damage. so, where did he get all the zinc? jakoby says it was his denture cream, fixodent, which contains zinc. >> fixodent and forget it, guaranteed. >> gets soaked in your body. and it messes with the nerves. >> reporter: a study in 2006 of four patients first made the possible link between heavy use of denture cream containing zinc and neurological problems. including numbness and muscle w
>> a february warmup tomorrow? what about the weekend? abc 7 news start now. the sex assault probe surrounding a troubled redskins star. hear from one of albert haynesworth's allies. wrecking details on a new attack against a journalist. -- breaking details on a new attack against a journalist. victims want you to know. live and in hd. this is abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> we begin with a response from albert haynesworth's camp. this comes as we learn new developments in the case itself. john gonzaleses outside the w hotel. >> it appears this investigation is headed to the grand jury and albert haynesworth's attorney says they have no problem sharing information. it appears a grand jury is expected to convene and decide if albert haynesworth should be charged with assault it. -- sexual assault. a waitress claims he grabbed her breast. theseis a target for allegations which are not true. >> we have interviewed several witnesses and those witnesses who were with albert at the party, who worked also at the point of view tell a different story. >> this comes after he turned hims
captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon, on your side at. >> thank you for joining us on a friday. we begin with the stormwatch. while the weather pounds of the country from course to coast. the winds are already picking up and could create problems this afternoon. we begin with chief meteorologist doug hill. what is on tap today? >> we have sunshine and breezy conditions, but the story for the next couple of hours will be increasingly strong winds and isolated showers and thunderstorms. we are under a wind advisory now, and starting at 2:00, we will be under a high wind warning work winds could gust in excess of 50 miles per hour. 29 miles per hour at martinsburg, 22 at reagan national. those with speeds will continue to increase. isolated and showers and thunderstorms to the southwest, and north of the metro area, all part of a cold front moving through the area. we will keep an eye on at the start to see if any of them are becoming severe. otherwise, back and down the hatches. >> hold onto your hats. thank y
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